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Love for Three Oranges

-- Weakness and Power, by ThreeOranges

Quirrelfulness! *whee*
Well-done Quirrelfulness in fanfic was enough, really.... the fact that the Quirrelfulness also came with Snape Slash was only icing on the cake. Being strange, I love that pairing, although I have rarely seen it and even more rarely seen it done well.

The characterization is bang on; in this fic is one of the more Snapelike Snapes I've seen in fanfic in general. He kills his relationship with poor little Quirrel by means of his own abrasive personality, and it's wonderful

Quirrel is pathetic, but adorably so, though most of it. Once he gets Voldie on the back of his head, though, he's absolutely delightful.

Everything about this fic makes me happy. *tosses a bucket of yayness at the readers* Now go read it. ^_^
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